Phoenix Gate Studio was founded in 2010 to fill the needs of small and medium businesses that were simply not being served by Toronto website developers. Our goals have been the same since the beginning: provide affordable, easy-to-use website tools for business owners, and help businesses create a strong brand presence on the web.

Since we began, we have worked with companies across Canada, and around the Greater Toronto Area, from news-focused organizations, publications, and service-oriented businesses, to realtors, brick-and-mortar stores, and online retailers. With each job and experience, we have learned to better serve our clients.

We are firmly committed to working with businesses with all levels of expertise: from the company with three employees and big ideas for the future, or the company with thirty staff who are not sure how to expand online. We can provide guidance, information, and research, or tools to test out the best next steps.

Our focus is on providing a scalable solution that will suit your needs as your grow, from simple content management, to blogging, news releases, document handling, media tools, and much, much more.

Key examples of some of our projects over the last year:

  • Large bilingual content-focused website for a national association, including newsletters, and custom website functionality
  • Entry submission system for a provincial awards organization
  • Full-featured events calendar and blog site with sales for ticketed events
  • Real estate agent website with property listings, mortgage calculator, and newsletter

Contact us for more details – we would love to work with you. We’re proud to be the Toronto website developer that you can depend on for affordable, versatile service.

About W. Andrew Powell | Owner & Chief Developer

W. Andrew PowellW. Andrew Powell has been developing websites since 1998 when he moved to Toronto and created an online entertainment website from scratch, learning to use HTML from the ground up, and advancing with technology as it changed. From that point, he started helping people and companies with website development and IT needs, and eventually moved on to start Phoenix Gate Studio a few years later.

Powell has worked in a range of roles over the years, from cooking, environmentalism, photography, writing, and even as a manager of a major retail location, to working as an IT manager at a national media organization. Over the course of his career, he’s learned advanced problem solving, client relations, and maybe most importantly, how to have a cool head in difficult situations.